Monday, March 1, 2010

One of my Life's Anthem

I was wit my ShortyWop the other day and her homegirl.U kno chillin,{Fridgerating}LOL.But her homegirl points out my demeanor,she was like "aRE YU ALWAYS QUIET?".tHATS Not really the first time i got that question,its like i dont really b knowin how to respond cuz i think im just more laid Back at times than quiet.But yea i always been on my cOOl Lowkey iSH...Anyway this is one of my anthems to my journey of Life.It dont get much more laid Back than this$


  1. Ha i use to stay pumping this this track in my cd player. Black moon is ill. I heard that clack moon consists of members from Wutang weather this is true or not it beats me.

  2. Most def...i still b pumpin it like
    na..i dont think so...after a while they had too many members,thats what ruined em